Deer Processing

Deer hunters: Due to ongoing staffing shortages, we will be limited in capacity this deer season.  We will be taking deer on a first come-first served basis.  We appreciate your understanding as we all continue to navigate these challenging times!

We will still be making venison sausage if you process the deer yourself.  But we do not take venison that is already ground, we have no way of knowing what it was ground with or how it was ground.  Please make sure NOT to use scented garbage bags, they can ruin the meat.

Thank you and Sorry for the inconvenience!

Fresh Sausage Links

(double return)

Cut Here | Trim Only
Regular Bratwurst$3.89/lb | $4.19/lb
Italian Mild$3.89/lb | $4.19/lb
Breakfast Sausage$3.89/lb | $4.19/lb

Wild Game Processing

Base Price

Deer & Antelope$200.00
Caping Shoulder Mount$85.00
Bear Skinning$75.00
Elk & Moose ($70.00 minimum) $1.50/lb
Deer Hides Returned (Upon Request Only)$15.00

Smoked Sausage

(1 1/2 return 6 lbs – 9 lbs)

Cut Here | Trim Only
Summer Sausage$3.89/lb | $4.19/lb
Jalepeño Cheese Summer Sausage$3.99/lb | $4.29/lb
Cheddarwurst$3.99/lb | $4.29/lb
Kielbasa$3.99/lb | $4.29/lb
Smoked Country$3.99/lb | $4.29/lb
Polish Sausage$3.99/lb | $4.29/lb
Beer Sticks$5.99/lb | $6.29/lb
Cheddar Beer Sticks$6.19/lb | $6.59/lb
Venison Bacon $4.99/lb | $5.29/lb
Jerky (starting weight)$5.99/lb | $6.29/lb
Jalapeño Cheddar Sticks $6.19/lb | $6.59/lb

Other Costs

Custom Smoking (50lb min)$1.99/lb
Beef for Grinding (50/50 Trim)$4.29/lb
Pork for Grinding (50/50 Trim)$2.49/lb
80/20 Pork Trim Lean$3.99/lb
Smoking Pheasant & Duck$5.00/ea
Smoking Geese$8.00/ea
Smoking Turkey$25.00/ea

For the do-it-yourself-ers, we have your supplies! Hog casings, sheep casings, spices, trimmings, etc.

We look forward to seeing you!

Trim brought in for sausage must be free of fat, blood clots, dirt, etc. and will be inspected.  All sausage prices are on return weights. 6 lb minimum on all above products.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT GROUND TRIM.


Mon-Sat 9:00am – 7:00pm

Sundays 10:00am – 5:00pm

Extended hours during deer season!

Call Shop for Details 


Bring in your boneless goose trim to make into mouth-watering sausage, jerky and brats!