The Famous Gummy Bear Brat

and over 130+ more delicious brat flavors (and counting)!

It’s true, Grundhofer’s Old-Fashion Meats currently has over 130 different brat flavors.  And yes, that number still grows.

It’s also true that we are known worldwide for our Gummy Bear Brats.
Here’s the Story: A neighboring business owner had the suggestion to make a Gummy Bear Brat.  After the suggestion was rejected, he began sending his customers over to our shop to ask for them.  Grundhofer’s owner, Spencer, finally gave in and made a batch.  He acclaimed, “I made ’em. You eat ’em.”

We admit, we were very pleasantly surprised.  They were amazingly delicious! And the rest, is history.  We’ve been exploring and creating new and delicious flavors ever since. Come in today to and discover your favorite flavor.

CLICK HERE to watch the video of the great Gummy Bear Brat

Brat Flavors

Price varies by flavor; please call or stop in for current pricing.